Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today I found it necessary to have a talk with my students about cheating. Together we came up with this list to clarify the definition of cheating.

You are cheating if you:

1. Copy someone else’s work and claim it as your own.

2. Allow someone else to copy your work and claim it as their own.

3. Work on assignments with others when the assignment is meant to be completed individually.
4. Allow one person in a group do all the work for a group assignment and the other group members just copy down the answers.

5. Steal or otherwise view a test before it's given.

6. Write notes on flash cards, clothing, or skin to look at during tests.

7. Pretend you're sick on a test day and get the test questions from other students before taking the make-up test.

8. Use websites to purchase or get free essays/research papers.

9. Write down answers beforehand, get answers from other students, or help others students answer questions during a test.

10. Do not grade your own paper or a classmate’s paper honestly by marking answers correct that are wrong and/or changing the score.

11. Copy text, images, sound files, etc. from a website, paste it into an assignment or a personal webpage and claim it as your own.

12. Copy the ideas of another person and claim them as your own.

13. Turn in an assignment for credit in two different classes or school years.

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